We like to keep our treatments simple. No nonsense, clear pricing, just with excellent services. When booking, just let us know the treatments you require, as these can be tailor-made especially for you.


We offer 3 unique facials for guys. Super Hydration, Deep Cleanse, and Skin Sensitive.

SUPER HYDRATION will help to boost tired, dry skin and will clean and reinvigorate your skin.

DEEP CLEANSE is perfect for oilier skin. Removing oil build-up and thoroughly cleansing and moisturising your skin.

SKIN SENSITIVE is perfect if you suffer from redness, tight and sensitive skin. Our facial will leave you with calm, nourished skin.

We will carry out a skin analysis and advise you on which facial would suit your skin type.

£50.00 for 60 mins - Super Hydration

£50.00 for 60 mins - Deep cleanse

£50.00 for 60 mins - Sensitive Skin


We offer 3 different types of Swedish full body massages. Deep Muscle Release, Stress Release, and the Sleep Inducer.

DEEP MUSCLE RELEASE is the one for you if you have tired, aching muscles. A deep pressure massage will release knots and boost blood flow.

STRESS RELEASE will help relax an overworked body. De-stressing your shoulders, back and limbs, you'll be ready for another day.

SLEEP INDUCER is the perfect massage to help if you are struggling to sleep. This massage is designed to release Serotonin in the body, which will calm and relax you.

£50.00 for 60 mins - Deep Muscle Release

£30.00 for 30 mins - Back - Deep Muscle Release

£50.00 for 60 mins - Stress Release

£50.00 for 60 mins - Sleep Inducer


Stone therapy has been practised in many cultures all around the world for thousands of years.  Hot stone massage has many healing properties, as well as a relaxing massage method.


Stones can be used to manipulate the body. Hot stones are perfect for easing tired, aching muscles, and when used in the massage, give a thoroughly deep massage which helps to break down toxins and heal the body. If you are athletic, with a muscular physique, hot and cold stones (Geo-Thermal Therapy) can be used as part of your treatment if you have any muscle strain or tenderness.


We can discuss your needs in the consultation to make sure the treatment is perfect for you.

£35.00 for 40 mins - Hot Stone Back Massage

£65.00 for 70 mins - Hot Stone Full Body Massage


Indian Head Massage was first documented around 600 BC. It is beneficial by increasing joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders. It also helps to free knots of muscular tension as well as lymphatic drainage.


The massage will help relieve stress, tension, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, migraines, fatigue, depression, and can help with sinusitis, The oils used will nourish the hair and clean the scalp aiding any scalp conditions you may suffer from.


We can discuss your needs in the consultation to make sure the chosen treatment is perfect for you.

£35.00 for 40 mins


Why not treat yourself to a full body scrub. Your skin is slowly and thoroughly scrubbed which removes dead skin cells.


Treat yourself! Why not follow it with a massage of your choice, either Deep Muscle Release, Stress Release, or the Sleep Inducer. You will feel like you've been to a spa.

Alternatively, if you are going on holiday, this is a perfect treatment to exfoliate your skin, ready for a tan, or a spray tan with us. 

It is advisable to come for a body scrub the day before a spray tan. Avoid wearing any deodorants, colognes, or aftershaves before a spray tan. Clean, exfoliated skin gets the best results!

£35.00 for 30 mins - Body Scrub Only

£80.00 for 90 mins - Body Scrub + massage of your choice


Tired, stressed, and in need of some TLC? Book yourself a mini spa. We have 3 levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. These packages are designed for you to spend a little time with us, have some treatments and leave us feeling refreshed, and ready to take on the world.

If you want a custom mini spa, please call us and we can plan treatments to suit your needs.



Bronze packages available


Let's get rid of that monobrow! Your brows are shaped to define your masculine features and compliment your face.

We can wax or pluck your brows to get the perfect shape. Brows take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to regrow.

£12.00 for 20 mins


Come on guys, lashes and brows can be darkened to enhance your eyes. This treatment can last up to 6 weeks.


We can darken your brows and lashes to help shape your face, or get rid of those annoying grey hairs.

£12.00 - 15-20 minutes - Brow tint

£12.00 - 15-20 minutes - Lash tint


Waxing - The removal of body hair using cool and hot wax.


Do you fancy having body hair removed through waxing? We can help.


We can remove your body hair in our private, comfortable space. We have a range of packages to suit your needs. Feel nervous? we will put you at ease. Waxing is carried out by our expertly trained male therapist. 


Manscaping - meaning:


The removal or trimming of hair on a man's body for cosmetic purposes.


Have you always fancied Manscaping but don't know what you want?

We can remove and shape your body hair in our private, comfortable space. We have a range of packages to suit your needs. Feel nervous? we will put you at ease. Waxing is carried out by our expertly trained male therapist. 


Rough, dry hands? Why not treat them to a male manicure. Our manicure is designed especially for the guys. We'll make sure you leave us with hands you won't be ashamed of.

BASIC MANICURE - For the guy who wants his hands to be smartened up with tidy clipped nails and cuticles. You'll be well groomed.


TOP GUY MANICURE  - For the guy who likes to go all out on his hands with all of the above, but with added extras, such as a hand and arm massage, hot wax/oil treatments to suit your needs.

£25.00 for 20 mins - Basic Manicure

£35.00 for 30-40 mins - Top Guy Manicure


Ashamed of your feet? Do they need some TLC? Why not give your hard working feet the treatment they deserve? Our pedicure will leave you feeling like you're walking on air. We'll sort out the hard skin and sharp toenails. 

BASIC PEDICURE - For the guy who wants his feet to look presentable with freshly clipped nails and soft skin on his soles.

TOP GUY PEDICURE - For the guy who wants the Rolls Royce of pedicures you'll receive all of the above, plus we'll give you a foot and leg massage, hot wax treatment and you'll have feet to be proud of.

£25.00 for 20 mins - Basic Pedicure

£35.00 for 30-40 mins - Top Guy Pedicure


We can provide you with a professional tan in a private space. We only use the best products on the market to give you excellent results. There's no towel drying or rubbing once the tan is applied. It dries in a few minutes and you can get dressed.

It is advised that before you have a spray tan you prepare the day before. A full body scrub is an excellent way to prepare for your tan. You can either do this at home or book in with us the day before. We would also advise either shaving or waxing 24-48 before your tan. You can book in with us to achieve the best results.

On the day of your spray tan, avoid using deodorant, colognes, or moisturiser, and wear loose fitting clothes preferably dark in colour.

£20.00 - 1 spray

£30.00 - 2 sprays


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