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Male Skincare Products

I have been using Face Theory products for a few years now, and I have always been impressed with the results. This company in constantly moving forward to bring excellent products to the market, and I recommend them to all my male clients.

When a male client books an appointment for a facial, what can they expect?

* Skin cleansing - cleans the skin and removes loose debris

* Skin analysis - this will determine their skin type

* Exfoliation - this will help remove any dead skin cells, dirt and debris

* Face and neck steam - steam opens the pores and helps soften blackheads ready for extraction

* Extraction - blackheads are removed and any ingrowing hairs are removed

* Facial massage - the neck and face is massaged and manipulated to help with lymph drainage

* Face mask - a mask is applied to calm and re-balance the skin

* Moisturise - finally, the face is moisturised and hydrated

I am happy to put together a Spirit of Man Skincare Routine for my clients as I find that most guys aren't really sure what products to use, which products are suitable for their skin, what skin type they have, or inwhat order to use products.

See you soon guys.

Here's an interesting article from The Daily Mail

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