What are fat dissolving injections?


Aqualyx is a treatment designed to target and dissolve fat from certain areas. Despite diet and exercise, It can be impossible to remove stubborn fat in certain areas of the body for men and women. Aqualyx lipotherapy is a fat dissolving treatment using targeted injections that help remove stubborn areas. Aqualyx is a treatment that reduces fatty deposits in the chin, stomach, and thigh areas.


Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections are a specially-formulated solution which is injected into the area of concern. The product breaks down fatty deposits over time, and these are naturally dissolved by the body and flushed out of the system. This is a minimally invasive treatment and the results are extremely effective.


How does Aqualyx work?

Aqualyx is injected into the fatty deposits and the area of fat cells are liquified and these are destroyed permanently. The broken down cells are eliminated by the body’s defence system (lymphatic system).


How many treatment will I need?

You will see results quickly but it is recommended to have 2-5 treatments within a 3 week period to see significant results.

What happens After the treatment?

Clients may feel a warm sensation and experience itching, oedema (swelling), burning sensation, bruising, and reddening in the treated areas. These are all common after effects of the treatment.

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All treatments carry a risk, these are addressed in the technical info. Please read carefully, and never undergo any treatments if you are unsure of the practitioner or the products they are using.




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Man before and after double chin fat cor